The Story so Far

Sent by the Swordlords of Restov, the party came to the Stolen Lands first to explore, and then conquer. This is their story…

Exploration of the Stolen Lands began in the year 4710 and, by the month of Sarenrith, they had explored the northern reaches of the Greenbelt and defeated the bandit chieftain known as the Stag Lord. In receipt of a charter allowing them rule of the Greenbelt, the party claimed the lands around Olaf’s Trading Post, forming the settlement of Northwater.

The group’s further explorations into the Southern Greenbelt found ancient ruins, hinting of a darker time for these lands, and the monster kingdom of the Troll Hargulka. Hargulka wished to unite the monstrous races of the Greenbelt against the party, and they were forced to raise an army in order to prevent their rule being a short one. Victorious at the Battle of Droskar’s Crucible, the party drove the last of Hargulka’s forces from their lands, and began to expand their control over the land.

Now they look to the future, hoping to forge new alliances and expand their lands into a true kingdom but the forces of evil that once ruled these lands have not yet let them slip from their grasp….

Recent Events

Blackfever Taint
A recent plague of Blackfever Taint, caused by containments in the town’s water supply, claimed the lives of several dozen people before the group could find a cure. Both Kelvin Garess and Baron Solamnus have been left weakened by the disease.

The Snows of Summer
It has recently begun to snow heavily in the kingdom of Pentadria despite being the end of summer. Reports from across the neighbouring kingdoms report the same unseasonal weather, with even places such as the deserts far to the south seeing snow. When the summer carnival was attacked by winter fey, the group sought out the source of the problem; a portal to the frozen lands of Irrisen. There they found preparations for an invasion, and learned that the Queen of Irrisen planned to usurp power from her mother, Baba Yaga, and turn the whole of Golarion into a winter wasteland. Bestowed the mantle of Baba Yaga’s Black Rider, Yuri has lead the group through the portal in the hopes of ending Queen Elvanna.

The group were able to close the portal to Pentadria but, with the rest of Golarion still in danger, the decided to stay in Irrisen to free Baba Yaga. Arriving in Icethrone, they were able to take control of Baba Yaga’s hut and used it to travel to Baba Yaga’s original home, the planet Earth. There they confronted Rasputin and Elvanna and were able to destroy the machinery they were using to contain the mother of witches. Baba Yaga returned the group home and has bestowed upon the group her hut to use as they wish.

The Varnhold Vanishing
There has been no word from Varnhold for some time, and all messengers sent there have not returned…

The Story so Far

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