Prices and Weights of all equipment are derived from Pathfinder sources. Other relevant statistics, such as damage and armor values are derived from Savage Worlds sources.

Starting Money
Characters have an amount of Gold Pieces based on their Class, as shown below:

Alchemist – 105 gp
Barbarian – 105 gp
Bard – 105 gp
Cavalier – 175 gp
Cleric – 140 gp
Druid – 70 gp
Fighter – 175 gp
Monk – 35 gp
Paladin – 175 gp
Ranger – 175 gp
Rogue – 140 gp
Sorcerer – 70 gp
Witch – 105 gp
Wizard – 70 gp

New Equipment
The following new equipment is available for purchase

Backpack, Masterwork
Cost: 50gp
Weight: 4 lbs
Notes: designed to distribute the weight of your equipment more efficiently, a masterwork backpack increases the wearer’s Strength by one die type for purposes of calculating encumberance.


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