Campaign Timeline

Calistril 4710
24 Calistril – The players receive their charter to explore the Green Belt
28 Calistril – The players arrive at Olaf’s Trading Post, learning of their problems with bandits

Pharast 4710
1 Pharast – The players defeat a bandit group led by Hank Brydon. They then begin exploring the Green Belt.
2 Pharast – The players meet Brandon, an eccentric alchemist who had recently lost his leg in an accident
7 Pharast – The players encounter Kobolds and learn of their war with the Mites
8 Pharast – Solanthus finds a fairy nest
16 Pharast – Solanthus digs up a Tiger Lord barbarian cairn and claims the unusual ring he finds there
27 Pharast – The players find the Temple of the Elk and kill an insane grizzly bear
29 Pharast – The players return to Olaf’s
30 Pharast – The Trading Post is attacked in the early hours of the morning by a large group of bandits lead by Kressle and Falgrim Sneeg. Despite the sneak attack taking down Raffiq Ibn Ghazi, the players were able to rally with the help of Kelvin Garess, and defeated almost all the bandits. Kressle escaped but the players set out immediately to try to catch her
31 Pharast – The players arrived at the bandit camp where Kressle awaited with more bandits. Despite being ambushed, the players were able to defeat Kressle, resulting in the surviving bandit fleeing for their lives.

Gozran 4710
1 Gozran – The players discovered an abandoned gold mine in the hills of the Kamelands
10 Gozran – Solanthus spots a tree matching the treasure map the group had found and a small cache of items are found
11 Gozran – The group enter the Mite lair beneath the Old Sycamore. They are successful in killing the leader of the Mites and driving out the few remaining creatures. In the process, the group rescued Mikmek, a Kobold warrior sent to recover the statue of Old Sharptooth.
12 Gozran – The group accompany Mikmek to the Kobold lair (Hex F20) and drove off their shaman, Tartuk. Raffiq was able to forge an alliance with the Kobolds, ending their threat to Brevoy. Amongst the Kobold’s belongings, the group find Stephana’s ring and barter for it’s return.
15 Gozran – The group collected fangberries for Brandon from Hex F18
18 Gozran – The group return Stephana’s ring.
19 Gozran – The group head to Restov to resupply and upgrade their equipment.
30 Gozran – Returning to the Greenbelt, the group continue their exploration

Desnus 4710
3 Desnus – The group confront the monstrous boar, Tuskgutter in his lair and emerge victorious.
9 Desnus – Amongst a series of old ruins (Hex E17), the group encounter a sole Boggard but are unable to communicate with him due to the language barrier. They decide to leave him alone as he poses no threat.
10 Desnus – A statue of Erastil is discovered in Hex E16.
12 Desnus – A dead unicorn is found in Hex F15. No visible cause of death could be insentified, but its horn had been snapped off. Curiously, its body showed no signs of decay, despite the condition of the swamp around it.
13 Desnus – A mated pair of tatzlwyrms were discovered near the ruins of an old river crossing in Hex F16. The group were able to kill the pair and recovered the dead body of an adventurer caught in the collapsed ruins.
18 Desnus – The group encountered Davik Nettles, the now undead ferryman of the river crossing at Hex E21. Nettles charged the group with defeating the Stag Lord, who was responsible for Nettles’ death, and throwing his body into the river so he could rest in peace.
24 Desnus – Posing as merchants, the group infiltrated the Stag Lord’s fort and managed to defeat the bandits. One of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, Nathaniel Ismort, decided to side with the group due to the Stag Lord’s actions.
26 Desnus – The Stag Lord’s body is thrown into the river at Nettles’ Crossing. Davik rose from the water and dragged the Stag Lord to the bottom of the river, leaving his ranseur for the group in payment for giving him his revenge.

Sarenrith 4710
1 Sarenrith through 30 Sarenrith – The group arrive in Restov and begin negotiating resources for building their kingdom of Pentadria in the Greenbelt.

Erastus 4710
1 Erastus through 31 Erastus – The settlement of Northwater is formed around Olaf’s Trading Post. The surrounding area is developed with farmlands and roads to aid their economy.

4 Erastus – The group set out to explore the Southern Greenbelt in search of funds to help their new kingdom
8 Erastus – The group encounter the dryad Tiressia and her companion Falchos. She explains that cultists on an island to the South have unleashed a great corruption into the woods. The group promise to deal with the problem.
10 Erastus – An ancient Elven keep is discovered and the group come under attack from the fae that have claimed it for themselves. The group defeat the babohan sith but the other two fae escape. Solanthus discovers evidence to suggest the keep once belonged to his family.
11 Erastus – The corruption unleashed by the cultists turns out to be a vast tree-like creature that the group engage. The creature is defeated, but Yuri is gravely injured, forcing the group to return to Northwater to rest.

Arodus 4710
1 Arodus through 31 Arodus – The woods of Hex C19 are claimed and developed with roads and a sawmill.

8 Arodus – The group heads out to investigate rumours of cultists on an island to the south.
10 Arodus – With the help of Jonas, the group learn the back story of the boggard, Garuum.
12 Arodus – The group meet the Man of the Woods, a crazy hermit who may be Brandon’s brother.
13 Arodus – The group reach the island at the centre of Lake Candlemere and begin searching for the cultists.

Rova 4710
1 Rova through 20 Rova – The abandoned gold mine in Hex D19 is claimed and returned to working order

Campaign Timeline

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