Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 3 - The Temple of the Elk

“Once the bear’s hug has got you, it is apt to be for keeps.”

5 Pharast through 29 Pharast

Having returned to Olaf’s Trading Post, the players spoke with Jonas Kavken and Kelvin Garess.

The next day the players resumed their exploration of the Green Belt. As well as the locations mentioned below, the players also explored B19, B18, A18, A17, A16, A15, B16, C16, C15, and D15.

Hex C19 – In search of the Moon Radish patch, the players encountered a group of Kobolds. Rather than kill the creatures, the players negotiated with them to hand over some of their Moon Radishes in exchange for not telling any other Kobolds about this location. They also learned that the reason Kobolds have been acting up recently was due to them being at war with the Mites. The Mites have stolen their scared statue and without it they will “turn yellow and die.”

Hex C18 – Solanthus discovered a strange nest that the party think belongs to the Faerie Dragon that has played tricks on them during their explorations.

Hex B17 – A large number of bear traps were found in this location. Jake managed to get caught in two during their exploration but the rest of the party was able to free him and tend to his injuries.

Hex B15 – The players discovered the cairn of a Tiger Lords barbarian. While the rest of the group decided to not disturb the grave, Solanthus decided to shift the rocks in search of anything of value. He found a ring made of green wood carved with an image of an eel and a frog entwined.

Hex C17 – The players found a dead trapper caught in his own dead-fall trap. Examination of the trap discovered that the ropes that held the logs in place had been chewed through. The players speculated that the creature responsible may have been the Faire Dragon.

Hex D16 – A hot spring proved too tempting for Jake, who dived straight in. Unfortunately he had not noticed the creature that lived in the pond, a giant frog. The rest of the party arrived in time to rescue Jake who had been swallowed whole.

Hex D17 – The players managed to find the Temple of the Elk where they fought and defeated a crazed grizzly bear. Upon being struck down, the bear briefly turned into a very elderly man before turning to dust. With the bear dead, the once stagnant pool magically cleansed itself.



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