Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 2 - Peril on the Plains

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

1 Pharast through 5 Pharast

The party interrogated the two bandit prisoners to learn what they knew about the other bandits in the region. Unwilling to believe they were redeemable, Brok The Marked gave one of them a fighting chance to escape and challenged him to a trial by combat. Hank Brydon‘s injuries prevented him from being offered the same so Solanthus D’Naariel killed him rather than leave him alone with the Levetons.

Yuri Dragomir, a warlock from the nearby country of Ustalav, arrived at the Trading Post and explained he had also been chartered to explore the Greenbelt region.

  • Yuri had intended to join the group during the meeting in Restov, but had slept late after being awoken in the middle of the night by a Varisian Harrower named Zellara. Zellara explained that the bandits of the Greenbelt had attacked and killed her son. She said that the bandits had taken something important from her and she wanted Yuri to take it back for her. When questioned about what they had taken, Zellara said Yuri would know it when he saw it.

Hex B20
Beginning their exploration of the Greenbelt, the party headed East, searching for the missing alchemist, Brandon. They succeeded in finding his hut and learned that Brandon had recently been injured after stepping in a bear trap. Forced to amputate his leg to escape, he had somehow managed to make his way back to his hut but was now unable to gather the components he needs to craft potions. The party agreed to search for the most common ingredients he needs.

  • Brandon explained that the bear trap that injured him was set by Borys Orloff, a callous trapper who neglects to mark his traps to allow humans to know they are there. Brandon pointed out on the map where his accident occurred (Hex B15).
  • He also told the group the story of how he came to lose his little finger. He explained how his brother had cut off his finger before killing their mother. Brandon believed that he had fled the city guard and was hiding somewhere in the southern part of the Greenbelt. How much truth there is to this story is unknown as Brandon could not remember his brother’s name, what he looked like and even claimed that his brother was living in a tree. He did recall something about a locket belonging to their mother however.
  • Prior to finding Brandon’s hut, the players encountered a group of diminutive fae creatures Brandon identified as being mites. He explained that a large group lived in a tree to the south (Hex E20).

The party continued their exploration of the Greenbelt
Hex B21 – The party found a number of giant centipede nests. They also discovered evidence that the mites had been here recently and had taken a number of eggs
Hex C21 – Solanthus was attacked by a tatzlwyrm but Brok was able to kill it before it could inflict serious damage. Cutting off the beast’s head the party took it with them to give to Olaf
Hex C20 – A party came across a large area of scattered bones from a variety of creatures, including humans. Raffiq Ibn Ghazi was attacked by a giant trapdoor spider, but managed to avoid being bitten by the poisonous creature

  • Yuri was unable to resist the temptation of exploring the spider’s lair. He found the body of a long dead bandit with a silver stag amulet and a crude map indicating some sort of stash hidden beneath a claw-shaped tree on a hill.
  • The party’s sleep was disturbed by the arrival of a Faerie Dragon who began to play tricks on the group, including sending most of them to sleep. Yuri managed to resist the spell and complimented the Faerie Dragon on his trickery which seemed to placate the creature.

Returning to the Trading Post on the eve of 5th Pharast, the players learned that a group of guards led by Kelvin Garess had arrived at the Trading Post the same day they set off. Olaf also explained that a man named Jonas Kavken had arrived and was looking for a temple dedicated to Erastil that was hidden in the forests.



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