Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 11 - In the Mouth of Madness

“In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom.”

These events took place in the month of Arodus

Taking their leave of Garuum, the party headed south in search of the cultists. On the way they encountered a hermit, calling himself the Man of the Woods, who soon proved to be insane. Upon seeing that he lived inside a hollowed out tree, Solanthus speculated this might be Brandon’s brother, but the group had no way of confirming this. After sharing some herbal tea, the group moved on. However, the hermit had other ideas, and intruded upon their camp that night while the group was sleeping.

Eventually the hermit left them in peace, and they moved on to the shores of Lake Candlemere, where an island could be seen in the distance. The group decided to row out to the island and investigate, but Yuri was too curious to wait and shape-changed into a bird and flew over. He soon came under attack from strange floating skulls that proved immune to his fireballs. Fortunately, they could be destroyed with a well aimed physical attack, allowing him to fend off his attackers until the rest of the group arrived.



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