Stephana's Ring

Although his wife claims it’s not a big loss compared to what the bandits could have taken, Olaf knows the theft of her wedding ring has distressed her. She’s forbidden him from risking life and limb to recover it, but if anyone else can find the ring and return it to him, he’ll be very grateful.

Reward: Olaf has offered the party 1000gp in store credit if they can recover Stephana’s lost ring

Progress: The players defeated the bandits and searched their camp. Unfortunately Stephana’s ring was not present. One of he bandits mentioned that a couple of bags of their stolen goods had recently been taken by the Mites.

Completed: The ring was found in one of the bags taken from the mites by the kobolds. Following the removal of shaman Tartuk, the group were able to bargain their share of his treasure with Chief Sootscale for the ring. Upon returning it to Olaf, Stephana was initially please until she realised how much Olaf had promised the group for its return.

Stephana's Ring

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