Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 13 - We Are Not Alone

“You can be a good neighbour only if you have good neighbours.”

The events took place during the months of Arodus, and Rova

With the undead defeated, the group searched through the fallen hero’s tomb.

  • The body they found at the centre of the black mist trap had a ring of sustenance on one of his fingers.
  • An ornate quarterstaff was found in the throne room chamber. Carved with symbols of Sarenrae, Yuri was able to identify it as a sacred weapon of the church and determined that it was part of a set of items that once belonged to the fallen hero. Using his harrow deck, Yuri was able to view the fallen hero fighting unspeakable horrors; in the presence of the evil creatures, the quarterstaff changed shape into a flaming scimitar.
  • The fallen hero’s crown also proved to be magical. The group decided to gift the crown to Baron Solamnus after Yuri identified that it would aid his ability to rule.

The group set out once again to explore the greenbelt.

  • Hex I19 – The group discovered a large mud bowl filled with a large variety of exotic mushrooms and other fungi.
  • Hex H19 – A secluded beach was discovered here on the banks of the Tuskwater lake. The group spotted some sort of large creature in the waters and they later learned this was a giant turtle called Old Crackjaw by local fishermen
  • Hex H20 – The group discovered the village of Ravenmoore on the banks of the Gudrin River. Looking around the village, the group discovered that the local church, dedicated to Desna, was in ruins. The worship of Desna had continued, but now occurred outdoors at a circle of standing stones. The group visited the village mayor, Andreas Kriegler, to learn more about the area, but Solanthus had taken offence at what he perceived as the blasphemous condition of the church. An argument ensued, resulting in the group not being offered hospitality. The group left with the intention of eventually absorbing Ravenmoore into their kingdom.

A number of incidents during the month of Rova resulted in great amounts of unrest in the kingdom. The group remained within the borders of Pentadria this month to ensure their kingdom stability was maintained.

  • A walled-off chamber was discovered within the old gold mine the group had claimed. Descending a long tunnel, the group emerged in a subterranean chamber, lit by phosphorescent fungus. Within this chamber, the group discovered a ancient blood stained altar and two stone tablets carved in the Aklo language. Raffiq was able to identify some of these carvings as being linked to the gods of the Dark Tapestry.
Session 12 - The Fallen Hero

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

These events took place in the month of Arodus

With the group reunited on the island, they began their search for the cultists. At the centre of the island, they discovered the ruins of an ancient temple together with an abandoned camp site. The body of a dead cultist was found nearby who appeared to have been killed by the same creature the group fought in the woods the previous month.

  • The walls of the tower were covered in ancient sigils and runes written in the dead Aklo language. Raffiq was able to translate some of it as a blasphemous prayer to the god Yog-Sothoth, one of the gods of the Dark Tapestry.
  • Solanthus believed there may have been further areas of the tower beneath ground level, but was unable to reach them due to the collapsed walls. He was able to find a curved dagger within the ruins that seemed to have survived relatively unscathed despite the inhospitable nature of the place.
  • Raffiq examined the cultist’s body and confirmed that the holy symbol he wore belonged to the Cult of Gyronna, just as the other cultist they faced at the Stag Lord’s fort. He came to the conclusion that the cult were operating under the disguise of Gyronna cultists to avoid detection.

Returning the the mainland, the group continued searching the Southern Greenbelt.

Hex I17 – The group discovered a lizardfolk village at the centre of the river here. Jack explained to the group that, while lizardfolk are not inherently evil, they consider anything other than themselves to be a potential meal and should be avoided if possible. A little later that day, the group narrowly missed a group of trolls that was heading towards the lizardfolk village. Curiously, Brok believed he saw one of the trolls making notes about the area, and the group speculated that they might also be mapping the area.

Hex I16 – Upon waking from what they believed an uneventful night, the group discovered they had been under surveillance from a large group of trolls the night before. It was unclear why the trolls did not attack the group but it was decided that heading further South would be ill advised.

Hex H18 – Having previously heard rumours alluding to her presence, the group found the house of The Swamp Witch, a hag like old woman living on the shores of the Tuskwater Lake. They were unable to strike up much of a conversation with her however as she proved very difficult to reason with, just wishing to be left alone. In an attempt to get the party to leave, the Witch did reveal the location of a barrow further to the East.

Hex G21 – Having been pre-warned by the Witch, the group found the entrance to a barrow in this area. Raffiq recognised some of the wards on the outside as being linked to the practices of his god, Sarenrae. It was apparent someone had broken into the tomb so the group decided to enter and explore further. Inside, each of the walls were covered with mosaics detailing the life of a great hero who fought against unspeakable horrors. However, as the group moved further into the tomb, the actions of the hero became more questionable, and the mosaics soon showed him as a tyrant. The final mosaics showed his wife fleeing with their child before the hero was finally defeated by one of his followers.

  • Brok, impatient at having to search through a burial mound, accidentally triggered a trap that unleashed clouds of strength-sapping black smoke into the tomb. At the same time, the bodies of the fallen hero and his retinue rose up and began to attack the group. The group were able to defeat the skeleton warriors and ensured the tomb was safe before resting.
  • A dead explorer was found at the centre of the trap, his flesh long since rotted away. The only thing of note on his person was a ring on his right hand.
  • The fallen hero’s throne room had two items of interest: a golden crown inlaid with what appeared to be the fangs of a large creature, and a quarterstaff marked with the holy symbol of Sarenrae.
Session 11 - In the Mouth of Madness

“In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom.”

These events took place in the month of Arodus

Taking their leave of Garuum, the party headed south in search of the cultists. On the way they encountered a hermit, calling himself the Man of the Woods, who soon proved to be insane. Upon seeing that he lived inside a hollowed out tree, Solanthus speculated this might be Brandon’s brother, but the group had no way of confirming this. After sharing some herbal tea, the group moved on. However, the hermit had other ideas, and intruded upon their camp that night while the group was sleeping.

Eventually the hermit left them in peace, and they moved on to the shores of Lake Candlemere, where an island could be seen in the distance. The group decided to row out to the island and investigate, but Yuri was too curious to wait and shape-changed into a bird and flew over. He soon came under attack from strange floating skulls that proved immune to his fireballs. Fortunately, they could be destroyed with a well aimed physical attack, allowing him to fend off his attackers until the rest of the group arrived.

Session 10 - That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie

“I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars. . . . I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness. . . .”

These events took place during the months of Erastus and Arodus

Having cleared the elven keep of any immediate threats, the group continued their exploration to the East. There they found a clearing that showed signs of some sort of corruption. Before they could investigate further, a huge tentacled creature, the one described by Tiressia and Falchos, burst through the surrounding trees and began to pursue Jack. He was able to lead the creature back to where the rest of the party were waiting and the group engaged it in combat.

During the fight, Yuri was grabbed by one of the creature’s tentacles and it began draining his blood through the myriad mouths that covered its thick rubber-like skin. Jack was also downed by the creature, but the rest of the group were able to defeat it before it could kill either of them. Following the fight, the group found they were unable to wake Yuri due to the extreme blood-loss he had suffered. It was decided to abandon any further exploration and return to their settlement to tend to the wounded. On the way back, the group reported the creature’s defeat to Tiressia, and she promised she would report of any dangers within the forests. She also provided a wand of healing to help the group recover.

Yuri eventually woke up, but it took several weeks for his wounds to fully heal. Upon his recovery, the group decided they would take Jonas Kavken to speak with the boggard they had met several weeks earlier. They learned his name was Garuum and that he had fled the boggard tribe that lived to the West of the Greenbelt after his one-boggard coup had failed to overthrow the tribe’s chieftain. The group decided he posed no threat and left him alone to begin their journey further south.

Session 9 - Exploring for Fun and Profit

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring”

These events took place during the month of Erastus

Following up on Brok’s earlier mention of a structure out in the Tuskwater lake, the group purchased a row boat and went to investigate. They found a large arch structure emerging from the water, its central portion missing. The remaining sections were covered in indecipherable runes and sigils. Yuri shapeshifted into a fish and was able to confirm the arch continued down and through the lake bed, and it was speculated that the arch was actually a large circular structure.

With much of the Southern Greenbelt left to explore, the group set out to the west of the Stag Lord’s fort looking for more valuables to help fund their burgeoning kingdom. A few days out they found a grove of trees inhabited by the dryad Tiressia (Hex G16). She explained that a group of humans who lived on an isle further to the South East (somewhere in Hex I18) had unleashed a great corruption into the forest. Tiressia’s companion, a satyr named Falchos, had encountered the creature to the south and had been gravely wounded. Tiressia now believed that the creature was hunting them and asked the the group help them by ridding the forest of the creature.

Leaving Tiressia, the group continued through Hex G15 and down to H15 where they found an old elven keep. While it appeared to have long been abandoned and left for the forest to reclaim, the group found three fae of unknown types inhabiting the structure. Upon entering the courtyard, the group were attacked by a diminutive fae capable of incredible speed that attempted to use hit and run tactics to wound the party. While it proved hard to hit, once the group were able to land a few blows, the fae ran off, allowing further exploration of the keep.

Within the central tower, the group encountered a beautiful female elf who explained that the other creatures were holding her captive. Casting a spell that mesmerised Jack, she asked him to stay with her while his companions defeated her captors. Once the rest of the group had left, the elf revealed herself to be some sort of vampire-like fae and began drinking Jack’s blood. Fortunately he managed to fight off her control long enough to shout a warning to his companions before she commanded him to leap out of the window, falling over 50 foot to the ground below.

While Raffiq rushed to save Jack’s life, a third fae emerged from another tower. Able to climb sheer surfaces like a spider, the creature began shooting the group with a crossbow while the diminutive fae returned to his hit and run tactics. Her deception revealed, the vampire fae joined the fight in the courtyard and began exerting control over Solanthus, commanding him to attack Raffiq. Fortunately, Solanthus was able to resist the commands and the vampire fae was soon incapacitated. Realising that the tide of the battle had turned, the other two fae quickly left the keep and the group were able to fully explore the building. During this search, Solanthus noticed a number of elven runes on the walls that indicated the keep once belonged to the D’Naariel family.

Session 8 - A Flag is Planted

“Asking people for money is giving them the opportunity to put their resources at the disposal of the Kingdom”

1 Sarenith through 1 Lamashan

With the Northern Greenbelt explored, and the Stag Lord defeated, the party returned to Restov and received their charter allowing the right to rule the region. It was decided that no one within the group had the correct skills to rule, and they agreed with Mayor Joseph Solamnus’ suggestion that his youngest son, Edward Solamnus, would rule the new barony.

The Swordlords agreed to provide initial funding (15 BP) to the barony in the hopes of cementing a firm relationship between the two regions. Joseph Solmanus also provided the group with information on who else might be able to help them:

  • Cornelius Osterman, of the Church of Abadar, provided a sum of 5 BP on the agreement that a Temple of Abadar be built within the barony within the first 5 years
  • The Church of Erastil provided 5 BP asking only that the group aid in the restoration of the Temple of the Elk within the next 2 years
  • The Church of Gorum’s offer of 5 BP was turned down as they wanted the Barony’s marshal to be a follower of Gorum, which the group felt they would not be able to meet
  • A wealthy individual named Aldous Foxglove offered 5 BP and would build a mansion within the barony as long as he was allowed the use of a single hex for his own. The group refused for now as they were unsure if they would want the hex for themselves
  • The Corax Lumber Consortium negotiated logging rights with the group for 5 BP
  • Jubilost Narlthropple, a Gnome explorer, requested right to explore the Greenbelt for an ancient Dwarven Monastery and the group agreed to take 5 BP in recompense
  • After much negotiations with Shelia Heidmarch over their rights to explore, the group negotiated that a Pathfinder Lodge could be built for free in their city
  • Roy Rezbin explained his desire to build his own settlement at the site of the tatzlwyrm den, and should the group claim this hex, he will provide half the funds to build a Castle, Temple, Market, Tavern or Inn at that location
  • Anton Radu, the head of the Restov Merchant’s Guild offered 5 BP on the agreement that a Guildhall be built within 5 years.
  • Jamie Aldori, one of the famed Aldori Swordlords, provided 10 BP on the agreement that an Academy be built within 10 years to help teach his family’s sword fighting techniques

Construction began on the first settlement of the barony on the 1st of Erastus, constructing a number of houses around Olaf’s trading post (Hex B19). Due to it’s remote position, the group also constructed a cistern to provide a supply of clean water for their townsfolk. In subsequent months they expanded the housing and added both a granary and a park to their town.

To aid in building the kingdom’s treasury, the group also claimed a stretch of woodland (Hex C19) in which they built a sawmill, and claimed the nearby abandoned gold mine (Hex D19), spending the necessary resources to return it to working order.

However, the early days of their kingdom were wrought with scandal, as several townsfolk began spreading rumours that Solanthus was embezzling funds from the kingdom’s treasury. Brok was able to keep these rumours under control before they developed into anything serious, but the rumblings of discontent are far from eradicated.

Session 7 - Run Rabbit, Run!

“Huntin’ humans ain’t nothin’ but nothin’. They all run like scared little rabbits.”

20 Desnus through 1 Sarenrith

Having explored the Northern Greenbelt, the party turned their attention to the Stag Lord. Exploring the location indicated by the captured bandits (Hex G19) the group found a large fort on the shores of a large mist enshrouded body of water.

  • Brok noticed some sort of large sculpture or structure out in the water but the mists prevented a clearer examination

After spending several hours scoping out the bandit’s defenses, the group decided to masquerade as merchants selling alcohol and Raffiq was able to talk his way into the fort. There they met the Stag Lord and his lieutenants, Auchs, Donovan of Nisroch, and Nathaniel Ismort. As well as several other bandits, the Stag Lord was accompanied by a robed man who’s identity was never determined.

  • Rafiq did notice that the robed man wore what appeared to be a holy symbol of Gyronna, but doubted this was the full story, as the Cult of Gyronna only accepts female priests.
  • Within the same room that the bandits used as their barracks, a large caged area held a captive owlbear, nicknamed “Beaky” by the bandits.

The Stag Lord refused to buy the alcohol offered, and instead took it from the group, threatening their lives if they did not bring more. In celebration, the other bandits began opening more barrels of alcohol, and it wasn’t long before Auchs had collapsed in a drunken stupor.

  • Noticing that Nathaniel was not drinking, Solanthus attempted to strike up a conversation with him. This was initially successful until he began asking questions about the other lieutenants, at which point Nathaniel excused himself and moved to another part of the room.

The Stag Lord called a halt to the celebrations after noticing that Solanthus was not drinking with the others, and challenged him to a bit of sport. When Solanthus agreed, the Stag Lord ordered the robed man to “Bring out the rabbit”. Exiting into a back room, the robed man soon returned with a feral man and a captive woman. Declaring the woman a sacrifice to Erastil, Lord of the Hunt, the Stag Lord cut her bonds and chased her outside the fort, making it clear he expected Solanthus to hunt her.

  • With a disgusted look on his face, Nathaniel left the room and headed to his quarters at this point.

Solanthus mounted his horse and gave chase, but put the woman on his horse instead and walked back to the fort. Displeased, the Stag Lord raised his huge bow and shot Solanthus in the head, swiftly downing but not killing him. He then shot the fleeing woman, killing her.

  • Onlookers noticed that the eyes of the Stag Lord’s helm seemed to glow just before he unleashed the shot that put down Solanthus.

While these events were being played out, Brok and Rafiq enacted a plan to distract the other bandits by freeing the captive owlbear. In the confusion, they began their attack, and were soon joined by Nathaniel, who had had enough of the bandit’s depraved behaviour. Having defeated Solanthus, the Stag Lord joined the combat and, was felled by the combined might of Brok and Nathaniel.

In the aftermath, Nathaniel explained that he was a former Paladin of Erastil who had been forced to flee Taldor after accidentally killing someone. He had joined the bandits as he had no where else to go, but the robed man had recently begun to influence the Stag Lord to darker pursuits and he had finally had enough. He opted to join the group having no better option, and the group explained that they knew a Priest of Erastil who might be able to help him gain redemption. The group decided to free the feral man, and took the unconscious Auchs with them in chains. Nathaniel did warn the group that, despite being a simpleton, Auchs had a cruel streak a mile wide.

  • Searching the Stag Lord’s fort, the group discovered a trophy room of his past victims. Amongst these horrors, the group found a severed head in a box together with a deck of Harrow cards.
  • The Stag Lord also had a lock of green hair wrapped round one of his fingers. It was unclear what this signified, or even what creature the hair may have come from.

Stopping off at Nettle’s Crossing, the group tossed the Stag Lord’s body into the river, appeasing the spirit of the deceased ferryman. They then briefly returned to Olaf’s to give him an owlbear head for his lodge, before heading towards Restov to claim their reward for defeating the Stag Lord.

Session 6 - No Rock Left Unturned

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

11 Gozran through 20 Desnus

Having saved Mikmek and recovered the statue of Old Sharptooth from the mites, the party headed towards the kobold caverns (Hex F20). There they met the kobold’s leader, Chief Sootscale, and handed over the statue. Sootscale prompty smashed the statue and proclaimed that their Shaman, Tartuk, should be killed for bringing a curse upon the tribe. However, the boisterous nature of the kobolds gave Tartuk ample time to escape through a secret passage leaving the group none the wiser as to the nature of the curse.

The kobolds began the process of dividing all the treasure that Tartuk had left behind. Mostly worthless stones and bits of metal, Solanthus spotted a few prime items and the party began negotiating with the kobolds to leave with these items. After several rounds of trading, Solanthus noticed a bag being held by Chief Sootscale that looked to have been taken from the bandits. The party gambled on the chief’s bag being worth more than what they had, and ended up with a large sack of coins, a few better quality items, and Stephana’s wedding ring.

With Tartuk and Sharptooth gone, Chief Sootscale proclaimed the party heroes and organised a great festival in their honour. Raffiq Ibn Ghazi was named an honorary kobold and was able to negotiate peace between them and the people of Brevoy. With their god gone, the kobolds briefly discussed religion with Rafiq, but it seemed that Sarenrae’s teachings did not mix well with some of the kobold’s views, and an equal number began discussing Gorum with Brok.

After collecting several bags of fangberries for Brandon (Hex F18), and avoiding a rickety bridge (Hex E19) the party returned to Olaf’s Trading Post and handed over the ring, much to Stephana’s joy. That is, until she found out that Olaf had promised the group 1000 gp in store credit if they returned it. After several weeks in the Stolen Lands, it had become apparent that the amount of goods the party had to sell was well in excess of Olaf’s ability to buy, and the group decided to head back to Restov to source better equipment. While there, they learned a few more rumours about the Greenbelt, and also were handed a wanted notice for the Stag Lord.

Upon their return to the Stolen Lands, the group began their final exploration. As well as those mentioned below, the group also explored Hexes E15, F19 and F21

Hex E18 – The party discovered Tuskgutter’s lair and fought the great beast. Several times the size of a regular boar, with immense tusks, Tuskgutter shook off most of the party’s blows, and managed to wound Solanthus before being put down. The party returned his head to Olaf and received the reward offered.

Hex E17 – A pair of ruined buildings were discovered within a marshy part of the forest. The party met a boggard who, despite his race’s reputation for violence, tried to communicate his wish to form a truce. However, his attempts were hampered by his incredibly basic grasp of the common language and he group left him in peace hoping to return with Jonas Kavken who they hoped would be able to communicate with him.

Hex E16 – The only notable thing found in this region was a long neglected statue of Erastil. The group made note to mention this to Jonas so he could restore it as well.

Hex F15 – The group discovered a curious circular area of stagnant marsh and Solanthus decided to investigate. At the centre of the circle he found what he initially took to be a dead horse, but on closer examination it turned out to be a dead unicorn. It’s horn had been snapped off but otherwise appeared unharmed. In fact, despite the diseased look of the rest of the land around it, the unicorn appeared completely untouched by decay, with not even any flies bothering it. Unable to determine a cause of death, Solanthus left the unicorn there until a more permanent solution could be decided upon.

Hex F16 – A series of islands in the middle of the skunk river proved to be home to a mated pair of tatzlwyrms. Solanthus was able to kill one from a distance with his bow and the group swiftly killed the other that was hunting nearby. The remnants of a bridge were found here, and the group spotted a dead body buried beneath some of the fallen wood. Solanthus braved the currents to retrieve the body, hoping to find something of worth, and returned with a rusted set of chainmail and a cold iron long sword.

Hex F17 – A barking sound alerted the group to a pit trap which a thylacine had fallen into. After Solanthus nearly fell into the pit due to the unstable earth around its edge, the group decided to leave the thylacine there to die of starvation.

Hex E21 – The group found a broken ferry crossing in this region, with the burned remains of a toll hut. After ringing the bell, an undead creature emerged from the waters of the river and stalked towards the group. Instead of attacking, the creatures said – You are not my tormentor. Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river that I may look upon his death, or join me instead. He then disappeared beneath the waters again.

With the Northern Greenbelt explored, the group returned to Olaf’s to begin preparations for taking on the Stag Lord.

Session 5 - Ar-Mite-Geddon!

“I don’t care how big or small they are… insects freak me out”

31 Pharast through 11 Gozran

Having dealt with the bandit camp, the group decided to return to Olaf’s with the two surviving bandits. On the way they explored the hills to the East, discovering a long abandoned gold mine (Hex D19). The group then took a few days downtime while Olaf and Kelvin returned to Restov for supplies and new guards.

They returned on 7 Gozran, bringing three new guards and a reward from the Swordlords of 400gp for reducing the number of bandit attacks in the region.

Hoping to track down Stephana’s ring, believed stolen by Mites, the group headed south towards the Old Sycamore (Hex E20).

  • The group managed to find the hidden cache indicated on the map they had recovered from the trapdoor spider’s lair. The cache contained a wand of burning hands, a spell book and a masterwork dagger.

The group found an entrance to a series of tunnels beneath the tree and began the process of clearing them of Mites. They met a Kobold named Mikmek who was being tortured by the Mites. He explained he had been sent to retrieve his tribe’s holy statue, a likeness of their god Old Sharptooth, which the Mites had stolen. The party killed the Mite’s leader, and the giant tick he was riding, breaking the morale of the last few remaining Mites. They recovered the statue of Old Sharptooth but there was no sign of Stephana’s ring, but they did recover some notes written in the Mite’s strange language that may provide a clue as to what has happened to it.

  • Mikmek has offered to take the party to meet Chief Sootscale, the leader of his tribe. On finding Old Sharptooth, Mikmek accidentally mentioned killing the tribe’s shaman, Tartuk. He said that everyone was afraid of Tartuk because of the curse on their tribe. He suggested they give Old Sharptooth to Chief Sootscale instead of Tartuk.
Session 4 - The Thorn River Bandits

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin”

29 Pharast through 31 Pharast

Returning to Olaf’s Trading Post, the players were confronted by Olaf who asked if they had dealt with the bandits yet. When they confirmed that they had not, Olaf threw the platter he was holding at the wall and stormed off. Stephana explained that Olaf had expected the group to have dealt with the bandits by now as it had nearly been a month since they had dealt with Hank Brydon’s group and a new tribute would be due soon. Vowing to deal with them the next day, most of the party went to bed, while Jack Varn stayed up drinking with Kelvin Garess.

However, not all was as it seemed that night as a number of bandits, masquerading as trappers, had entered the Trading Post. Killing the night guards, they opened the gates, allowing Kressle and Falgrim Sneeg‘s group of bandits to enter and attack the party. Raffiq Ibn Ghazi was rendered unconscious in the initial ambush, with Yuri Dragomir and Jack Varn following shortly afterwards. However, Solanthus D’Naariel, Brok The Marked and Kelvin managed to turn the tide, killing the majority of the bandits present. Kressle managed to escape and the party quickly prepared to track her back to the bandit’s camp.

On their journey South, the group once again encountered the Faerie Dragon who had played tricks on them. Brok attacked it, believing it to be a Mite, but only succeeded in destroying some of Solanthus’ equipment. The Faerie Dragon dropped his invisibility spell and introduced himself as Perlivash. When questioned about the dead trapper they had found, he identified him as Borys Orloff, and admitted to having bitten through the ropes of the dead-fall trap, resulting in Orloff’s death. Perlivash explained that he had done it because Orloff had hurt Brandon with his bear-traps. Perlivash also confirmed that he was responsible for delivering Brandon safely to his hut following the accident.

Eventually, the players reached the bandit camp, where a second group of bandits led by Kressle awaited them. This time, however, the players quickly killed the bandit lieutenant, breaking the morale of the other bandits present, who fled into the woods. The group recovered a large amount of goods and money the bandits had stolen but there was no sign of Stephana’s Ring. One of the captured bandits mentioned that they had lost a couple of bags to the Mites recently, and the ring may have been in one of them.


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