Jonas Kavken

Priest of Erastil


Jonas used to be a priest of Erastil in a small town in Galt. Following a series of gruesome murders, Jonas convinced the townsfolk to lynch a recent arrival in town, believing him to be a werewolf. However, the real culprit, a Worg, was caught later that day and, feeling that Jonas had encouraged the townsfolk’s violent reaction, the Church of Erastil excommunicated him. They only thing that saved Jonas from execution was that the man they had lynch turned out to be a bandit spy, something that was not learned until his belongings were searched after his death.

Jonas travelled north along the Sellen River into Numeria and eventually through to Brevoy where he received a vision of a temple to Erastil deep in the Stolen Lands. In his vision he was attacked by a bear. Researching the area, Jonas learned of an ancient temple called the Temple of the Elk and believes if he can re-consecrate it, he will be able to atone for his crimes.

Jonas has agreed to act as the kingdom’s high priest.

Jonas Kavken

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