Exile from the Boggard tribe to the West


A boggard that has occupied a series of ruins in the Narlmarches. Due to his limited grasp of common, the party have been unable to communicate with him but it is clear he does not wish to engage in combat, in contrast to the usual disposition of boggards. He has a pet slurk that lives with him


With the help of Jonas Kavken, the group have been able to learn the past of the boggard called Garuum. Formerly part of the boggard tribe that has blocked river transport to the West, Garuum attempted a one-boggard coup to take control of the tribe. He was unsuccessful and sentenced to death by the boggard chieftan.

While the other boggards celebrated, Garuum used a rock to pulverise his own hand, allowing him to slip his manacles. Together with his pet slurk, Ugabub, he fled East where he made his homes in some old ruins he had found.


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