Eccentric and some-what mad alchemist


His isolation, and the fumes from his alchemical potions have left Brandon with an eccentric and befuddled manner. Often repeating stories he has only just told, he still has a keen ability to make the potions he is famous for. He was recently forced to amputate his right leg after being caught in a bear trap. He is unsure of how he survived, let alone made it back to his hut several miles away from where it happened, but it has called a halt to his ability to gather ingredients for his potions.


There’s not one person who has met Brandon who doesn’t know the story of how he lost his little finger. He claims his brother cut it off when he saw him last, the same time his brother killed their mother. No one knows if the story is true, but Brandon claims his brother now lives in the southern part of the Greenbelt.


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