Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 19 - An Uprising of Trolls

“Anyone wanting to mug a troll would have to use a building on a stick.”

Having rescued dozens of slaves from the trolls, and confirming that the trolls were forming an army, the group returned to Northwater to plan how to win a war with 14 foot tall regenerating monsters. Needing supplies from Restov, and hoping to elicit support from their neighbours, most of the group left Pentadria, leaving Raffiq in charge.

During this time, a large group of trolls arrived to threaten the townsfolk. Led by a seemingly intelligent troll named Hargulka, they demanded the townsfolk leave as the Stolen Lands had been promised to him by “a goddess”. He smashed his morningstar into the ground, and a great thundering crash knocked over all the humans nearby.

Later, Raffiq found a member of the town burned, as if hit by a lightning bolt. The person was not near the trolls during their visit and no evidence of how he came to be killed could be found. Raffiq did note that, during the conversation with the trolls, the hairs on his arms had stood on end, indicating some sort of static charge.

Solanthus returned from Pitax with word that Grigori had been selling secrets to that country, and approached him about working for Pentadria instead. For a suitable amount of compensation, Grigori agreed, and has taken the position of Grand Diplomat.

With aid brokered from the people of Varnhold, and the Sootscale Kobolds, the group called together a militia to head south and defeat the trolls. An army of trolls, lizardmen and red-scaled kobolds met them near the fangberry thicket and a battle began. The armies of Pentadria took an initial beating but managed to hold on through the tactical planning of Jack.

The troll army, suffering great loses, retreated to their outpost and the Pentadrian army followed. A second battle ended with the remaining trolls retreating further. The group now plans to lay siege to the troll outpost while sending the group inside to deal with Hargulka directly.



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