Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 17 - A Man of Words and not Deeds

“Poverty in itself does not make men into a rabble; a rabble is created only when there is joined to poverty a disposition of mind, an inner indignation against the rich, against society, against the government.”

These events took place during Calistril and Pharast

While the rest of the group spent time outside the kingdom, Yuri stayed behind and helped out the militia. One evening, Yuri heard a scream from one of the farms close to town, and rushed to see what had happened. Within the barn he found a scene of carnage: the farmer had been torn apart. Before he could investigate further, something large and heavy dropped onto him from above, knocking him unconcious.

Fortunately, other members of the militia arrived at the farm, and the creature ran off. However, when they arrived at the barn, they initially supected Yuri of being responsible, as he had awoken and was now covered in the farmer’s blood.

Managing to convince the militia of his innocence, the group returned to town. The following day, Yuri encountered Grigori, a bard who had recently arrived in town to entertain the townsfolk at the inn. He challenged Yuri and the rest of the group about their actions in leaving the town unguarded while they search for riches. Yuri attempted to counter his arguments but the townsfolk were in support of Grigori.

Yuri failed at an attempt to break into Grigori’s room to find out “his plans” so attempted to threaten him instead. This also failed, and the townsfolk provided more support to Grigori.

The rest of the group arrived back in town and began investigating the murder of the farmer. It transpired that the murder occurred on the last day of the full moon, and thoughts turned to the culprit being a werewolf. Yuri speculated that Grigori may have been responsible, but he was performing at the inn on the night in question. Brok suggested that it might be Kundal, as he had been injured by a worg.

A search of Kundal’s room did not reveal any clues but, as the next full moon approached, the group realised he was drinking more and more alcohol. Just before the first night of the full moon, Kundal headed out of town and the group followed. Confronting the barbarian, he revealed that he had been having nightmares of blood and violence and, to prevent him loosing his temper with anyone in town, he would always head out into the wilderness when the dreams got bad.

Now heavily suspecting Kundal of being infected with Lycanthropy, they speculated that the recent heavy snow had prevented him from getting far enough away from town. The group prepared a folklore recipie believed to cure lycanthropy using the poionous wolfsbane plant. After administering the medicine, Kundal did not change into a werewolf, but his nightmares did seem to stop.

As they were unable to conclusively prove that Kundal was responsible for the farmer’s death, or even if he was definitely a werewolf, the group caught and killed an actual wolf, and brought it back to town to reassure the townsfolk.



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