Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 16 - The Singing Giant

“Remember that when you think you are seeing giants, they may not be giants at all; perhaps it is you who is the dwarf.”

These events took place during Kuthona, Abadius and Calistril

With the tendriculous dead, and a small amount of black rattlecap mushrooms recovered, the group decided to finish exploring their immediate area, before heading back to Northwater. Most of this area was devoid of anything of interest, but they did encounter a drunk hill giant who was quite happy singing until Jack disturbed him. The group were able to kill the giant and brought his head back to give to Olaf.

With Winter fast approaching, and snow falling rapidly, the group decided to head to Restov to research some other topics of interest.

  • Jack broke off from the rest of the group to visit his cousin in Varnhold.
  • Raffiq met with the Pathfinders to ask them questions about the history of the Stolen Lands, and also to try and find the scholar Elias Pendrod to ask about the fallen hero. Unfortunately, Pendrod was currently based out of Varnhold, so a meeting was not possible
  • Solanthus spoke to his contacts about Judge Ironbriar, to determine his reputation. It transpired that he has a reputation for being a hanging judge, always adding classifying crimes much higher than they should be.
  • Northwater developed further, increasing available housing, and building an inn and a shrine to Abadar.

Meanwhile, in Northwater, Yuri became involved in a scandal…



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