Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 15 - That's Tendriculous!

“But just as he planned to begin his feast, from out of a ditch rose a horrible beast. It was tall, dark and sticky, and feathered and furred. It had four frightful heads, it had the wings of a bird.”

These events took place during Neth and Kuthona

Injured after their exploration of the owlbear cave, and wishing to bring the young owlbear somewhere it could be safely looked after, the group returned to Northwater. During the rest of the month, the following events occurred:

  • Brok met one of the barbarians from his former tribe, Kundal, who had recently left Numeria due to the issues with the Technic League. He explained that he was hunting an enormous worg, which had won their first encounter, leaving Kundal’s chest scared.
  • Yuri headed South by himself in search of the witch the group had met earlier. He managed to evade a pack of wolves, but lost his horse in the process. Arriving at the witch’s house he discovered that no one was home. However, as he entered the garden, a scarecrow animated and attacked him. Fortunately, the creature proved extremely vulnerable to fire and was soon destroyed. Yuri then proceeded to break into the witch’s house and began searching her belongings. He eventually decided not to steal anything and waited for the witch to return. Despite an initial confrontation, Yuri was able to convince the witch he meant no harm and the two parted on good terms. During their conversation, Yuri realised that the witch was not a Hag as the rest of the group had speculated, but was a sorcerer with the Fey bloodline, something which often causes the skin to take on a green colouration.
  • The group were once again approached by Aldous Foxglove, asking for exclusive use of an area of the Greenbelt. This time he was specific in that he wanted to build his mansion near the Mud Bowl (Hex I19). Still suspicious of his motives, the group decided to further explore the area before agreeing to Foxglove’s proposal.

Moving into Kuthona, the group began strengthening their kingdom’s economy. Solanthus arranged for his sister to move from Restov and establish a trade shop in Northwater. The group also used their resources to improve the roads within their kingdom.

  • Brandon sent the group a request for more ingredients to help with his potions. This time he was searching for black rattlecap mushrooms, troll blood, and shambling mound sap.
  • Olaf also mentioned that he had heard about the ‘lake monster’ in Tuskwater Lake, and the group decided to look for ways to kill Old Crackjaw.
  • The Sootscale Kobolds offered tribute to the kingdom in the form of silver mined from their caves.

Heading South to continue exploring, the group stopped off at Tuskwater Lake but could not find Old Crackjaw. Jack explained that turtles would be hibernating at this time of year but the group could not locate any caves where he may be sleeping.

Continuing South, the group stopped off at the Mud Bowl. Realising that they may be able to find black rattlecaps amongst the vast amount of fungi here, the group waded into the mud to explore. Unfortunately, the area was not unguarded, and the group came under attack from a huge plant-like creature, a tendriculous. Yuri was actually swallowed whole during the fight but the group succeeded in killing the creature and rescuing him before he was killed.



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