Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 14 - Owlbears of Unusual Size

“Oh. An Owlbear. Tempting as a friend you may be, I fear copyright issues.”

These events took place during Neth

Returned from their time in Restov, the group took time to build their kingdom, before heading south once more to continue exploring.

The kingdom grew to encompass Hex C20, and the group developed the land into farms to help control their kingdom’s resources. Following on from their earlier request to Restov for an official judge, they have been joined by Justice Ironbriar who will administer justice throughout Pentadria.

Hex J20 – the group found a large cave complex amongst the hills. The outside of the cave showed recent signs of a fight involving a large creature. As they explored the caves further, they found the corpse of an enormous owlbear. Jack recalled that Owlbears normally live as a mated pair, and speculated that someone had taken one of the Owlbears and killed the other. The group also found a young owlbear cub attempting to wake its dead parent. Jack decided to take the owlbear with him in the hopes of being able to raise it himself. Upon exiting the cave, the group determined that the other owlbear had been taken by the trolls.



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