Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker

Session 21 - To the Victor go the Spoils

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left”

Session 20 - Behind Enemy Lines

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind”

Session 19 - An Uprising of Trolls

“Anyone wanting to mug a troll would have to use a building on a stick.”

Having rescued dozens of slaves from the trolls, and confirming that the trolls were forming an army, the group returned to Northwater to plan how to win a war with 14 foot tall regenerating monsters. Needing supplies from Restov, and hoping to elicit support from their neighbours, most of the group left Pentadria, leaving Raffiq in charge.

During this time, a large group of trolls arrived to threaten the townsfolk. Led by a seemingly intelligent troll named Hargulka, they demanded the townsfolk leave as the Stolen Lands had been promised to him by “a goddess”. He smashed his morningstar into the ground, and a great thundering crash knocked over all the humans nearby.

Later, Raffiq found a member of the town burned, as if hit by a lightning bolt. The person was not near the trolls during their visit and no evidence of how he came to be killed could be found. Raffiq did note that, during the conversation with the trolls, the hairs on his arms had stood on end, indicating some sort of static charge.

Solanthus returned from Pitax with word that Grigori had been selling secrets to that country, and approached him about working for Pentadria instead. For a suitable amount of compensation, Grigori agreed, and has taken the position of Grand Diplomat.

With aid brokered from the people of Varnhold, and the Sootscale Kobolds, the group called together a militia to head south and defeat the trolls. An army of trolls, lizardmen and red-scaled kobolds met them near the fangberry thicket and a battle began. The armies of Pentadria took an initial beating but managed to hold on through the tactical planning of Jack.

The troll army, suffering great loses, retreated to their outpost and the Pentadrian army followed. A second battle ended with the remaining trolls retreating further. The group now plans to lay siege to the troll outpost while sending the group inside to deal with Hargulka directly.

Session 18 - Roadtrip

“The person attempting to travel two roads at once will get nowhere.”

*These events took place during Pharast and Gozran"

Session 17 - A Man of Words and not Deeds

“Poverty in itself does not make men into a rabble; a rabble is created only when there is joined to poverty a disposition of mind, an inner indignation against the rich, against society, against the government.”

These events took place during Calistril and Pharast

While the rest of the group spent time outside the kingdom, Yuri stayed behind and helped out the militia. One evening, Yuri heard a scream from one of the farms close to town, and rushed to see what had happened. Within the barn he found a scene of carnage: the farmer had been torn apart. Before he could investigate further, something large and heavy dropped onto him from above, knocking him unconcious.

Fortunately, other members of the militia arrived at the farm, and the creature ran off. However, when they arrived at the barn, they initially supected Yuri of being responsible, as he had awoken and was now covered in the farmer’s blood.

Managing to convince the militia of his innocence, the group returned to town. The following day, Yuri encountered Grigori, a bard who had recently arrived in town to entertain the townsfolk at the inn. He challenged Yuri and the rest of the group about their actions in leaving the town unguarded while they search for riches. Yuri attempted to counter his arguments but the townsfolk were in support of Grigori.

Yuri failed at an attempt to break into Grigori’s room to find out “his plans” so attempted to threaten him instead. This also failed, and the townsfolk provided more support to Grigori.

The rest of the group arrived back in town and began investigating the murder of the farmer. It transpired that the murder occurred on the last day of the full moon, and thoughts turned to the culprit being a werewolf. Yuri speculated that Grigori may have been responsible, but he was performing at the inn on the night in question. Brok suggested that it might be Kundal, as he had been injured by a worg.

A search of Kundal’s room did not reveal any clues but, as the next full moon approached, the group realised he was drinking more and more alcohol. Just before the first night of the full moon, Kundal headed out of town and the group followed. Confronting the barbarian, he revealed that he had been having nightmares of blood and violence and, to prevent him loosing his temper with anyone in town, he would always head out into the wilderness when the dreams got bad.

Now heavily suspecting Kundal of being infected with Lycanthropy, they speculated that the recent heavy snow had prevented him from getting far enough away from town. The group prepared a folklore recipie believed to cure lycanthropy using the poionous wolfsbane plant. After administering the medicine, Kundal did not change into a werewolf, but his nightmares did seem to stop.

As they were unable to conclusively prove that Kundal was responsible for the farmer’s death, or even if he was definitely a werewolf, the group caught and killed an actual wolf, and brought it back to town to reassure the townsfolk.

Session 16 - The Singing Giant

“Remember that when you think you are seeing giants, they may not be giants at all; perhaps it is you who is the dwarf.”

These events took place during Kuthona, Abadius and Calistril

With the tendriculous dead, and a small amount of black rattlecap mushrooms recovered, the group decided to finish exploring their immediate area, before heading back to Northwater. Most of this area was devoid of anything of interest, but they did encounter a drunk hill giant who was quite happy singing until Jack disturbed him. The group were able to kill the giant and brought his head back to give to Olaf.

With Winter fast approaching, and snow falling rapidly, the group decided to head to Restov to research some other topics of interest.

  • Jack broke off from the rest of the group to visit his cousin in Varnhold.
  • Raffiq met with the Pathfinders to ask them questions about the history of the Stolen Lands, and also to try and find the scholar Elias Pendrod to ask about the fallen hero. Unfortunately, Pendrod was currently based out of Varnhold, so a meeting was not possible
  • Solanthus spoke to his contacts about Judge Ironbriar, to determine his reputation. It transpired that he has a reputation for being a hanging judge, always adding classifying crimes much higher than they should be.
  • Northwater developed further, increasing available housing, and building an inn and a shrine to Abadar.

Meanwhile, in Northwater, Yuri became involved in a scandal…

Session 15 - That's Tendriculous!

“But just as he planned to begin his feast, from out of a ditch rose a horrible beast. It was tall, dark and sticky, and feathered and furred. It had four frightful heads, it had the wings of a bird.”

These events took place during Neth and Kuthona

Injured after their exploration of the owlbear cave, and wishing to bring the young owlbear somewhere it could be safely looked after, the group returned to Northwater. During the rest of the month, the following events occurred:

  • Brok met one of the barbarians from his former tribe, Kundal, who had recently left Numeria due to the issues with the Technic League. He explained that he was hunting an enormous worg, which had won their first encounter, leaving Kundal’s chest scared.
  • Yuri headed South by himself in search of the witch the group had met earlier. He managed to evade a pack of wolves, but lost his horse in the process. Arriving at the witch’s house he discovered that no one was home. However, as he entered the garden, a scarecrow animated and attacked him. Fortunately, the creature proved extremely vulnerable to fire and was soon destroyed. Yuri then proceeded to break into the witch’s house and began searching her belongings. He eventually decided not to steal anything and waited for the witch to return. Despite an initial confrontation, Yuri was able to convince the witch he meant no harm and the two parted on good terms. During their conversation, Yuri realised that the witch was not a Hag as the rest of the group had speculated, but was a sorcerer with the Fey bloodline, something which often causes the skin to take on a green colouration.
  • The group were once again approached by Aldous Foxglove, asking for exclusive use of an area of the Greenbelt. This time he was specific in that he wanted to build his mansion near the Mud Bowl (Hex I19). Still suspicious of his motives, the group decided to further explore the area before agreeing to Foxglove’s proposal.

Moving into Kuthona, the group began strengthening their kingdom’s economy. Solanthus arranged for his sister to move from Restov and establish a trade shop in Northwater. The group also used their resources to improve the roads within their kingdom.

  • Brandon sent the group a request for more ingredients to help with his potions. This time he was searching for black rattlecap mushrooms, troll blood, and shambling mound sap.
  • Olaf also mentioned that he had heard about the ‘lake monster’ in Tuskwater Lake, and the group decided to look for ways to kill Old Crackjaw.
  • The Sootscale Kobolds offered tribute to the kingdom in the form of silver mined from their caves.

Heading South to continue exploring, the group stopped off at Tuskwater Lake but could not find Old Crackjaw. Jack explained that turtles would be hibernating at this time of year but the group could not locate any caves where he may be sleeping.

Continuing South, the group stopped off at the Mud Bowl. Realising that they may be able to find black rattlecaps amongst the vast amount of fungi here, the group waded into the mud to explore. Unfortunately, the area was not unguarded, and the group came under attack from a huge plant-like creature, a tendriculous. Yuri was actually swallowed whole during the fight but the group succeeded in killing the creature and rescuing him before he was killed.

Session 14 - Owlbears of Unusual Size

“Oh. An Owlbear. Tempting as a friend you may be, I fear copyright issues.”

These events took place during Neth

Returned from their time in Restov, the group took time to build their kingdom, before heading south once more to continue exploring.

The kingdom grew to encompass Hex C20, and the group developed the land into farms to help control their kingdom’s resources. Following on from their earlier request to Restov for an official judge, they have been joined by Justice Ironbriar who will administer justice throughout Pentadria.

Hex J20 – the group found a large cave complex amongst the hills. The outside of the cave showed recent signs of a fight involving a large creature. As they explored the caves further, they found the corpse of an enormous owlbear. Jack recalled that Owlbears normally live as a mated pair, and speculated that someone had taken one of the Owlbears and killed the other. The group also found a young owlbear cub attempting to wake its dead parent. Jack decided to take the owlbear with him in the hopes of being able to raise it himself. Upon exiting the cave, the group determined that the other owlbear had been taken by the trolls.

Session 13b - Going Undergound

“One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.”

These events took place during the month of Lamashan

Solanthus accompanied Raffiq to Restov in search of new sources to sell on the treasures found in their explorations. He also went for personal reasons…

While searching for new contacts to sell on the various treasures the group had accumulated, Solanthus heard rumours that a barmaid at The Laughing Fox was looking for examples of Elven art and was willing to pay quite a sum for it. The Laughing Fox turned out to be more of a brothel than a inn, but the rumours did prove to be true, and the group handed over the Mithral statue they had to Lily Teskertin.

Session 13a - Stolen History

“Those that don’t know history are destined to repeat it"

These events took place during the month of Lamashan

Raffiq accompanied Solanthus to Restov to research the history of the Stolen Lands, with particular interest in the fallen hero.


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